And Sew It Begins – Hope Walborn



HAZEL: An elderly woman who owns a yarn shop. She knits frequently and lives in an apartment above the shop with her four cats. Everyone who knows her considers her a “feisty cat lady with a concern for everybody’s health.”

OLIVIA: An intern for the local police department. She is a technology obsessed sixteen year old and an aspiring blogger. She’s easily excitable and very determined, though she may not be the sharpest tool in the shed.

ROGERS: A soft spoken, middle aged officer at the local police department. He is very laid back and not too concerned about his work. He does not like much attention, nor does he like being around people. Rogers is the type of man who prefers to blend into the background.


Scene: A small table sits stage left with a large book and pen sitting on top. A box sits beside the book, and a ball of yarn lays on the floor nearby. An elderly woman in pajamas named HAZEL walks in, looking around. There is a knock at the door, and she walks over and opens it, revealing a middle aged police officer, OFFICER ROGERS, and a teenage girl, OLIVIA ST. CLAIRE. They both step farther into the shop.


ROGERS: (Speaking softly as he continues to do so throughout the play) Officer Rogers, nice to meet you. (Holds out hand for a handshake from HAZEL, who does not take it. He retracts it after a moment) What seems to be the problem, Mrs- (He stops, not knowing her name)

HAZEL: Hazel. My name is Hazel. And I am not a Mrs!

OLIVIA: (looking around the store excitedly) Was there a murder? I’d love to investigate a murder in a yarn shop! Do you think yarn soaks up blood? I bet it’s pretty absorbent. I’m Olivia St. Claire, by the way. I’m an intern.

HAZEL: Murder? No no, I was burglarized.

ROGERS: How do you know? (Looks around) I don’t see any sign of a break in.

HAZEL: What? Speak louder, dear.

OLIVIA: (Leaning close to HAZEL and raising her voice) He says there’s no sign of a break in. Are you sure you heard someone?

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The Last Visit – Gari Eberly

[Stage dark, but raspy breathing is audible. After a few seconds, a knocking noise is heard. Simultaneously, the spotlight shines on the hospital bed in the middle of the stage where FATHER lies. He is clothed in a hospital gown and there is an oxygen mask on his face. His body is swaddled in blankets, facing stage left. Everything he wears is grey. On the right side of his bed is a side table. A few pill bottles are on top of the table. Propped up against the table, in Father’s reach, is a cane. A visiting chair is nearby.]

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