The Notes (Novel Excerpt) – Abbie Hoffer

The last day of school. A day of goodbyes, yearbook signings, and vague promises to hang out over the summer. After walking the halls with my friends for a while, I made my way to homeroom to start off my last day of junior year. I took my seat, which was in the back row next to the window. The teacher, Mrs. Carmichael, was reclining back in her swivel chair and eating a light strawberry yogurt. She had a few kids around the room taking posters and projects down off of the walls.

“Kaitlyn,” she called out to me, “you need to go open your locker and take everything out.”

“Alright,” I responded, “But I’ll need my combination. I haven’t used it at all this year.” She picked up a clipboard and glanced down at it.

“Your combination is 22-9-19. Do you know where your locker is?” she asked.

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The Bridge – Lucia Vetrano

The city was quiet.

Alistair knew that not everyone had gone to bed, but he also knew that it was now or never. Ever since he was a little kid, he had wanted to do this. Thirty years later, he had finally worked up the courage to follow through with his childhood fantasies. He needed to be inconspicuous, though. The city watchtowers had strobe lights that could catch any naysayer wandering the streets this late at night. After a few wary steps across the dark sidewalks (and a brief encounter with a tense cat) he finally made it. There it was. Towering. Rotted Rock. The bridge. The forbidding monolith stretched out into a barren wilderness beyond the city, which everyone knew better than to ever venture into. Underneath was nothing but shadow, darker than the surrounding environment.

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Infiltration Novel Excerpt – Adel Mansour

Imagine you and a close friend are having an espresso at a coffee shop, waiting for another one of your friends. She arrives and puts two bullets into your friend and then another two into you. While this is happening, your mother and father are having lunch at a pizza shop, and your brother has the whole place rigged with enough C4 to level the whole block. Guess what… he does it. Now, your aunt is on a bridge leaving the city you live in, and your boss blows every single bridge and tunnel leaving it, effectively trapping the city. While all this is happening, many more situations like it are occurring all over Kings City. Right now, you may be asking, why are the people I know and love doing this? The real question you should be asking is, how well do you know them? They are part of a group known as the Infiltrators. They are a group who has no nation, no race, and no religion. The point of life to them, is to get into your life and then turn on you when told to do so. You could’ve known the person for five, ten, even fifteen years, but they will kill you without any hesitation. Ian and his friends are placed into this situation when they go to Kings City to represent their school to enter a prestigious club known as the Elite Society. But let me ask you this… If your parents were killed by the Infiltrators, would you stay and fight with your friends, knowing that you could get yourself along with everyone you love killed over your own vendetta? Or would you escape the moment you get the chance? Leaving it to the United States Military might be the smarter choice, but how can they differentiate friend from foe, when they look exactly the same? Join the group through this unforgettable and fast-paced adventure where at any moment, their world can come tumbling down. But be careful, nothing is as it seems.

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