Humans of CD – Post 1 – Brennan Conway

“So right now my family is taking care of a puppy that’s being trained as a service dog. His name is Bodia, but we call him Bodie. His whole litter was named after Olympic athletes, since they were born during the summer Olympics. wp-1485144319652.jpg

His training is going well! He responds to vocal and hand cues for a variety of tasks aimed at helping disabled people. But he has bad habits too, like digging holes in the yard, tracking mud into the house and playing with logs from the fireplace. He also eats just about anything that falls on the floor.

However, we all still love him and the best part is we get a loveable companion for 18 months; the only one in the house that doesn’t like the dog is our obese cat, Chunkers. Chunkers wasn’t named after an Olympic athlete though.”