This Body – Lauralee Adrien

With its ripples and dents and vast plains,
its dimples and scars and blotches,
this body is mine, and I am a perfect fit.
This body has
eyes that blink and lips that curl
like petals that reach towards sunlight.
This body has
a nose that twitches and a brow that lifts
like the swell of a sea tide.
This body has
muscles that stretch and arms that wrap
like a shawl around a lover’s neck.
Ribs that expand and hips that sway
Fingers that pluck and seize and clasp and yet
this body is
covered up when shamed
exposed when demanded
holds itself together
with just the strength of a woman
This body,
mine, but not me.
My body,
that I exist inside.
My body
pointed at, embraced, adored.
My body
never existing together as purely
as wonderfully
as magically
as now.


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