The Magic Wand – Hannelise Zwahlen

It was a warm afternoon; the sun shone brightly on the mansion, turning it into pure gold. Freya had just driven to this gorgeous mansion to babysit a family friend´s daughter, Cassie. Cassie was around 5 years old and the two of them were currently playing hide and seek in the old house.  Freya knew that the little girl tended to hide in the oldest part of the mansion, which was filled with old boxes and secret passages that led who knows where. She crept down the long hallway and heard lighthearted laughter coming from the room at the end of the hall. Freya reached the end of the hall and jumped into the doorway, screaming in an attempt to surprise Cassie. 

But Cassie wasn’t there. Freya’s worried eyes scanned the room until she saw a little flower crown peeking out from behind the couch. Freya waltzed over to Cassie and saw the little girl sitting on the wooden floor with a strange object in her hand. The object was a neatly crafted wooden stick. Having watched all the Harry Potter movies, Freya believed it to be a wand.

“What you got there, Cassie?” asked Freya.

“Magic!” said Cassie with complete wonder in her eyes.

Cassie flicked the wand and something that looked like pure white energy and glitter burst from the tip of the wand, which made Cassie squeal with delight as Freya simply stared in shock. The white energy turned into a little golden retriever puppy who floated over to Freya in the air and licked her face as she laughed and pet his soft head.

Art by Megan Brennan

Soon the puppy disappeared and Cassie once again flicked the wand. This time red and blue sparks flew out of the tip, igniting the room with a series of different colors. The sparks flew around the room like miniature fireworks and would turn into different creatures. At one point a tiny butterfly flew around the room but then the butterfly vanished and a full sized dragon took its place. The dragon was large and magnificent as it floated around the room.

Cassie was simply giggling and pointing at the different creatures that formed, while Freya reached up to touch the many creatures. And then a loud crash came from outside the old room. All the animals immediately jumped in front of Freya and Cassie as if to protect them from something. Freya could sense something was wrong and that someone other than her and Cassie was in the house with them.

The shadow of another person came into the view of the doorway and Freya held her breath in fear. Cassie quickly got up and held onto Freya, who pulled the little girl close. The creatures protecting them emitted low growls alerting them that the intruder was near. The intruder walked into the doorway and everyone including the intruder screamed.

Suddenly, all the animals were running to the person and instead of attacking, they ran up and the person hugged them as if they hadn’t seen the creatures in forever. Freya and Cassie both relaxed as soon as they saw who it was. It was Cassie’s mother, Mrs. Taylor.

“Mrs. Taylor,” exclaimed Freya, “I thought you and your husband weren’t coming back until later tonight?”

“Well, I see you’ve found the family wand. How exactly did you find it?” said Mrs. Taylor.

“Oh I didn’t find it, Cassie did. We were playing hide and seek and I found her in here holding the wand.”

“I knew Cassie would find the wand eventually but I honestly thought I hid it well. You see we came back early because the second someone finds the wand we get alerted. So my husband and I came running home immediately. We thought someone broke in.”

“Nope, just me and Cassie here the whole time. Mrs. Taylor why do you have a wand in your house?” questioned Freya with deep curiosity.

“Well Freya,” began Mrs. Taylor, “I come from a long line of wizards and of course all wizards have wands. And Cassie is one as well. That’s why she can use the wand.”

“This is absolutely incredible! Tell me more about it!”

“I’m afraid I can’t Freya. No one is supposed to know. Not even you. I’m afraid I must-”

But Freya never caught those last words as her eyelids slowly started to shut and she started to fall to the ground. Before she hit the floor, Freya burst awake in the warm, coziness of her bedroom. She looked around her room and checked her clock. It was 2 in the morning. She chuckled to herself as she thought she has to tell Mrs. Taylor of the insane dream she had, before her eyelids drooped and she fell back asleep.


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