Extravagant Photo – India Grayson

“Hey! Hey miss! Would you like this exclusive picture of Marilyn Monroe that has never been seen?” begged Rachel.

“Sorry, but I’m in a hurry,” the woman replied, “but I might come back later and check it out if I can.”

She is not coming back, Rachel thought to herself. She was sure someone would have already bought the photograph because Marilyn was an icon, and was all social media could talk about at the moment. The picture was Marilyn backstage at one of the Beatles’ earlier concerts. Rachel was trying to sell the photo because her grandma died recently and her belongings needed to be organized. Her grandma was a photographer in the 1950’s and snapped the rare photo of Marilyn. Rachel had no idea how much the photo was worth but she wanted to get rid of the photo because she did not want to be reminded of her grandmother’s death.

“Sir, would you like a rare photo of Marilyn Monroe? My Grandma took it years ago.”

He replied, “sorry ma’am but I don’t have money on me.” Another bust.

Another two hours passed on the Hollywood walk of fame before a sophisticated looking man walked past Rachel.  He looks like he would have money, Rachel thought. “Sir!” she called out. “Would you like a rare photo?”

He cut her off. “Yes, yes what is the photo of?”

“Marilyn Monroe,” Rachel replied.

“Brilliant, I’ll take it but I only have a couple hundred dollars on me, can I go to the bank and withdraw money?”

“A couple hundred is more than enough! I was only going to charge you like twenty bucks! Why would you give me a couple hundred bucks for this old photo?” Rachel replied.

“Because the photo could be worth thousands,” the man said.

“Worth thousands!?” a nearby walker repeated. A crowd quickly formed around Rachel, full with eager people who would do anything for the valuable photo.

“Hey guys calm down, there is only one photo and it is no longer up for sale,” Rachel hollered. This angered the crowd, and they began to  push and shove Rachel. They eventually swept her off her feet, causing her to fall to the ground. Rachel reached for her back pocket to ensure the photo was not stolen. As she felt her pocket one of the crowd members tried to grab onto the photo. She snatched the picture back from the thief’s hands. More people reached for the photo, causing the right corner to rip. This caused everyone to stop. Rachel stood back on her feet. “Look what you people done, I said it was no longer up for sale, so leave me alone!” Rachel yelled.

She quickly ran to the nearest pawn shop to receive her large sum of cash. “Hey excuse me mister, how much would this rare photo of Marilyn Monroe be?” The man took the photo and examined it.

He replied, “Yeah ma’am this photo should be worth about fifteen dollars.”


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