Creatures of Water – Hannelise Zwahlen

Liam drove up to the preschool in his shiny, blank, 67’ Impala. It was almost 3 o’clock, the time when his son Adam would come running out of the doors to the school with a big smile on his face. Liam was so proud of his son. He was a single dad and sometimes things were tough, but Adam never failed to put a happy smile on his dad’s face. Liam parked the car and saw a bunch of other parents sitting in their cars with their faces staring down at their phone screens. Instead of taking out his phone, Liam got out of the car and walked to the playground at the side of the school where he sat on a park bench and watched as different animals ran around the park. He never quite understood why people spent so much time on their phones and always seemed to miss the beauty of things around them.

Liam took in a deep breath and turned his head to look around the park as the sun shone on him turning his blond hair into gold and creating an ocean out of his green eyes. As he turned his head to the right he noticed a water fountain sitting at the side of the building. Liam took his hand and reached out to the fountain, while also taking a deep breath. Suddenly, water erupted from the fountain without anyone turning it on. Then the water lifted into the air and with delicate movements from Liam’s hand, the water turned into different shapes ranging from a small dolphin to an even smaller squirrel.

With a flick of the wrist the water trickled back into the fountain. Liam sat back in the chair and chuckled to himself. Very few people knew his biggest secret in life. Liam was actually a retired superhero who could control water with the power of his mind and a simple movement of the wrist. Adam knew of course because every night before he went to sleep, Liam would tell him stories of the great superhero with the power to control water. Adam was very proud of his dad and always told his friends the stories but always left out the part that it was his dad. Even though he was retired, his identity still had to stay a secret, in case his enemies came back to haunt him of his past life.

Liam once again moved his hand and the water started transforming into different shapes. This time he made them bigger and even more fascinating. He was so caught up in his creations that he did not hear the sound of a door opening and closing. Soon, there were several 4 year olds staring in awe at Liam’s creations with Adam among them. Liam quickly noticed and moved his hand to make the water disappear. He turned to the kids and saw Adam with a worried look on his face as his friends started pointing and muttering amongst themselves. Suddenly, Adams friend Nikki, spoke up.

“Excuse me mister, but could you show us those cool water creatures again.”

Liam looked to the kids and then to his son who had a massive smile on his face. With that Liam smiled and with a wave of his hand the water came pouring out of the fountain. The massive ball of water grew and grew until it was bigger than Liam himself. And then the ball of water started morphing into different creatures. First, Liam turned the water into a life size dolphin that squirted water at the kids as they giggled. Then the water turned into a massive elephant. Liam continued creating different creatures for several minutes until he heard a bell ring.

At the sound of the bell he slowly pushed the water back into the fountain until it all disappeared. The kids were still laughing and smiling as Liam bent down and motioned for them to come closer.

“You guys thought that was cool right,” asked Liam and all the kids including Adam nodded their heads in excitement, “Well this needs to stay our little secret. Can’t have the grownups or other kids finding out because they’ll take away all your fun. Ok, now get back to your parents the bell rang.” finished Liam with a big smile on his face. The other kids started talking to each other about what they had just seen as they ran to their parents and soon only Adam and Liam were standing in the playground.

“Ready to go kiddo?” questioned Liam as he looked down at Adam.

“Dad, you’re pretty awesome!” said Adam.

“Thanks bud. Let’s hit the road.”

The two of them jumped in the Chevy Impala, turned on the music and drove out of the parking lot. Little did Liam know, but his greatest enemy stood on the roof of the preschool with a black trench coat billowing in the wind as he stared at the car driving away and tightly clenched his fists.



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