Chapstick – Sai Kannekanti

I whip you out with pride—

My sweet, loving Chapstick.


Always by my side,

you’ve never let me down—

effortlessly caressing my lips

blessing them with moisture.


Your mint exterior

makes my life beautiful every day.


But alas, life is never beautiful for long.


I pop open your cap,

eager to use you once again,

when fate intervenes.


A tear escapes my eye

slowly running down my cheek

as you shoot from your glossy jade casing

and stick to the filthy floor:

the point of no return.


Another tear falls

as I realize your smooth surface

will never grace my lips again.


Now, your brothers and sisters live on:

a rainbow of cylinders

lining the shelves of CVS

begging to serve me, to moisturize my lips once again


But deep within my heart, I know

it’ll never be the same.


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