Innocence – Sara Guhl

It vanishes in an instant,

yet for a moment you wish it wouldn’t go.

You blame it for naivety

then let it flow.


It wanted nothing but your purity

yet you let it go so soon.

Though maybe you’d still hold onto it,

like Thoreau and that loon.


It didn’t want to go,

but you made it.

The perfect world…

gone in a blip.


It covered the darkness of the world,

But you thought not to submit.

The veil of innocence was there;

You saw right through it.


I suppose I was no help

A mere aid in your discovery

And I’d take it back if I could,

I’d give you back your careful cavalry.


But, what’s done is done.

And now your world seems cruel,

almost as if a child

was drowning in a cesspool.


And I’m sorry for destroying,

I’m apologizing for taking

that little bit of you,

and those thoughts of a world that wasn’t merely dying.

Art by Olivia Smith

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