CVS – Sai Kannekanti and Jake Shepherd

Brian stood outside the building, a determined expression on his face. As he basked in the red glow of the neon CVS sign, he grinned, knowing he’d found he destination. With newfound confidence, Brian entered the store.

He was surprised by how vast and expansive the store was. Numerous shelves were stuffed with a variety of items ranging from medicine to everyday food items. Brian shook off his awe. He was a man on a mission, and he couldn’t afford to be distracted by anything, no matter how small.

Brian traveled up and down each aisle, meticulously examining the shelves, searching for the item he needed. In just under five minutes, he searched the entire story, but didn’t find anything useful. Brian groaned in frustration, but he wouldn’t give up just yet. The precious item he was searching for was critical to his job. He couldn’t afford to leave with nothing.

Fueled by irritation, Brian began his search anew, his methods becoming more desperate with each . He didn’t care that shoppers and employees alike were gaping at him as he tore through the store. When the third search yielded nothing, Brian pounded his fist against the wall and let out a yell of frustration. The store became silent as all eyes focused on Brian.

“Excuse me, young man?” Brian turned to see a middle-aged woman who must have been the store’s manager standing before him. “Can I help you with something?”

Brian felt a little embarrassed that the entire store probably thought he was weird. In the nicest voice he could muster, he said, “Uh, I’m looking to buy some concrete.”

The manager’s face contorted with confusion. “Excuse me? You do know that this is a CVS, right?”

“Right,” Brian replied with confidence. “The Concrete Value Store.”

To his surprise, the manager burst out laughing. “No, that’s not right,” she said, stifling her laughter. “CVS actually stands for ‘Consumer Value Store.’ You’re in the wrong place.”

Brian was flabbergasted. For a few moments, he found himself unable to speak until he managed to squeak out, “Oh, okay. Sorry for causing you trouble.”

Embarrassed, Brian left the CVS.


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