Rapunzel Saves Herself – Grace Messimer

All I wanted was a savior

To take me away

I was Rapunzel

Up in my tower of isolation

And you were my prince


wish I had realized sooner

I don’t need a prince’s help

or even his company

To be whole.


And now I realize

That if I truly wanted out of that tower

I could’ve just climbed out on my own.


My happily ever after came

When I climbed out of the tower,

My golden hair a rope on the hook

A rope that I severed once i reached the ground

Free, at last.


life isn’t a fairy tale.

you never showed up, and i never let down my hair for you

I was left waiting far too long in that stone castle

Gazing out my window

Hoping to live

To see the world

When, in retrospect

I could’ve done all of that anyways.



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