The War – Hannelise Zwahlen

Blood dripped softly onto the snow,

From his side it continued to flow

Yet as the great warrior he was,

He kept walking, and never did he pause


The field was scorched black,

With the wings of dead angels on their backs

The smell of sulfur filled the cold air

Demons screamed, yet he did not care


His friends lay dying on the ground

Sinking to a new world as they drowned

Blood flowed past their glassy, dull eyes

Onto the burning ground and the surrounding skies


But he strolled with gun in hand

Determination filled him, just as planned

He trudged to the center of the field

Where his greatest enemy kneeled


There waited his enemy, wearing his brothers face

Wearing a suite of the palest snowy color with grace

The enemy fought their best friend

Who was nearing his tragic end


The angel fought with all his might

Against the man who stole his light

But one wrong move cost him his life

Ending when there was so much strife


He screamed the angels name and fell to his knees

Another piece of his soul starting to freeze

He lifted his head and fury flooded his face

Slowly standing and beginning the race


Weapon in hand he advanced as his brother talked

To the dying angel who was still quite shocked

As the angel mocked the brother and enemy,

He plunged the knife into his brother’s heart painfully


With enemy destroyed his brother’s last words made him smirk,

The powerful word lingered in his mind forever, “Jerk”

He then ran to the angel who urged him to leave

Not caring for the scars, he stayed to grieve


As the angel muttered his last words  

Dying in a glow of a bright light and chirping birds  

His wings now a permanent reminder

Of the painful past that was never kinder


The wings had burned into the man’s chest

But finally his mind was put to rest

Into the arms of his girl he ran crying

And soon the two of them were happily flying.



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