Infiltration Novel Excerpt – Adel Mansour

Imagine you and a close friend are having an espresso at a coffee shop, waiting for another one of your friends. She arrives and puts two bullets into your friend and then another two into you. While this is happening, your mother and father are having lunch at a pizza shop, and your brother has the whole place rigged with enough C4 to level the whole block. Guess what… he does it. Now, your aunt is on a bridge leaving the city you live in, and your boss blows every single bridge and tunnel leaving it, effectively trapping the city. While all this is happening, many more situations like it are occurring all over Kings City. Right now, you may be asking, why are the people I know and love doing this? The real question you should be asking is, how well do you know them? They are part of a group known as the Infiltrators. They are a group who has no nation, no race, and no religion. The point of life to them, is to get into your life and then turn on you when told to do so. You could’ve known the person for five, ten, even fifteen years, but they will kill you without any hesitation. Ian and his friends are placed into this situation when they go to Kings City to represent their school to enter a prestigious club known as the Elite Society. But let me ask you this… If your parents were killed by the Infiltrators, would you stay and fight with your friends, knowing that you could get yourself along with everyone you love killed over your own vendetta? Or would you escape the moment you get the chance? Leaving it to the United States Military might be the smarter choice, but how can they differentiate friend from foe, when they look exactly the same? Join the group through this unforgettable and fast-paced adventure where at any moment, their world can come tumbling down. But be careful, nothing is as it seems.


Ian rested up against the cage and looked down the pathways between the pens and spotted Taros. He watched as the big, bruting man walked down the corridor with his black suit while holding onto the straps of his bulletproof vest. A numerous amount of heavily armed Infiltrators followed behind him, constantly scanning for any dangers. Taros was barrel-chested with a bull neck that led to an eagle tattoo that covered his entire bald face, only revealing his eyes and parts of his forehead. The two locked eyes. Taros smiled and then he kneeled in front of Ian. “Something about me catch your eye, boy?”

“Yeah,” Ian answered. “I just want to remember how happy you look now, so I can compare it to the moment just before I kill you.”

Taros grinned, revealing part of his white teeth. “If you were capable of killing me, you’d already be dead,” he got up from his kneeling position and kept on walking through the warehouse.

Ian moved over so that he was sitting in front of his friends. “We need to find a way out,” he stated.

“Wow, you think?” Avery sarcastically asked.

Ian shot a look over. “Listen, I don’t think they’re going to kill us.”

“What makes you say that?” Drake wondered.

“If they wanted us dead, why bring us here? Why not just shoot us on site?” Ian thought.

“Good point, but then what’s the reason for all these people?” Gray added.

“We’re the ones who survived. Something tells me that he isn’t holding this city for ransom or anything like that, he wants to rule,” Ian replied.

“Like a king or dictator?” Avery proposed.

“Most likely. So, I’m assuming we’re staying here until Taros makes some big speech,” he answered.

“What about that wall?” Drake started. “Why not just wait a day or two, ask to see if we can guard Taros’ wall and then when the time is right, we hop over and disappear.”

“That’s actually not a bad idea,” Ian responded. About a hundred feet away, the four could hear a commotion taking place. The doors that held the people of Kings City were being opened. Infiltrators were ushering the people out and forcing them down the hallway. Ian watched as people were being herded like cattle down the corridor, many of them were shaking and panic-stricken. “They can’t hold everyone? Why not just hit them head on?”

“Because of them,” Gray stated, pointing to the Infiltrators holding LMGs while wearing juggernaut gear.

The guards had arrived to Ian’s gate and kicked open the door, pointing their weapons at him and his friends and forcing them out of the pen. The group was shoved into the horde of hostages and marched. Sweat was prominent in the warehouse, and the excess amount of people was starting to make Ian feel warm. In the distance, he could spot the opened gates of the warehouse leading out to the cool night of the city.

Ian felt the soft touch of snow falling on him as the four exited the building, along with thousands of others. But he was wrong. Ian didn’t leave the warehouse with thousands of people, he left with millions. He craned his neck upwards and while being forced forward, Ian saw so many frightened civilians surrounding Pharaoh’s Tower. The pure shock of so many people hit him like a wrecking ball, and now Ian understood why Taros was here. “He really wants to be king…”

“What are you look-,” Drake trailed off when he looked over the crowd of people.

Ian and his friends stopped walking when the crowd came to a standstill. He was able to spot Taros on some raised platform with giant TVs overhead. Next to Taros was a kneeling man with a sack on his head, and then at least eight Infiltrators up there as well. Voices raged through Taros’ camp, voices of millions of people held in this city against their will.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, if I could have your attention please,” Taros said, his words coming out through speakers all around the contained civilians. The TVs were now playing a close up feed of Delegado talking into the mic. He is treating this like some sports event. “I know many of you are confused, scared, angry, and sad. But in your time of need, who should you look to? A leader, right? Someone strong who is willing to make the tough choices to keep you and your families safe. Let’s take a look at someone who exemplifies this every day,” Taros walked over to the kneeling man and ripped off the rucksack. The camera shifted to a beaten white man, his suit in complete disarray and his hair matted to his forehead. “Mayor Joshua Watts everybody! A man so strong that you people voted him to be your mayor! A good choice if I might add.”

The crowd didn’t respond, they just saw a broken man in front of them kneeling next to Taros; someone who has caused a whole lot of problems for the past few days. “Oh come on! No applause?” His voice boomed so calmly through the area. “Fine, have it your way,” Taros pulled out his revolver and a sudden bang echoed in everyone’s ears. The crowd gasped and then became silent. They were in complete disbelief of a man being executed right in front of them. Ian closed his eyes and tried to push out the image of a man being gunned down right in front of him just for show. “Now, if he was strong, then what does that make me? I just beat him. I took over his city, and the rest of the United States has no way of taking it away from me.”

The camera was focused on Taros’ face and Ian just watched as the man scanned the crowd. Ian turned around and saw guards with riot shields surrounding the crowd, and then men perched in apartment buildings ready to fire down at the crowd if things got out of hand. “Here’s where you make a decision which will impact the rest of your life. You can stay here, abide by my rules, and actually have a much more prosperous life than the one you led before. Or, you can walk out those gates and get shot the moment you step foot outside my camp. Your choice,” Taros looked around the giant group of people. Ian knew that no one would move, everyone here was sane enough to not act like a martyr. Then, in a very deep and sinister tone, Taros smiled and said, “Good. Welcome to the party everybody; it’s going to be a fun time.”


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