Monsters – Kaitlyn Repman

Monsters aren’t the hairy beasts hiding underneath your bed
A monster is the girl with the brown hair and the clear blue eyes
who makes you forget about all else in the world
the girl with a smile that once belonged to the

Monsters aren’t creatures with twelve claws scratching at your door
a monster is the boy dressed in plaid
who has a charming smile stretched across his face
and knows how to take advantage of a woman.

Monsters aren’t the three eyed animals as seen on tv
a monster is the two eyed mother who drowns her blood to
about the family she left back at home.

Monsters aren’t the pale vampires with fangs stained with blood
a monster is the phone slipping between someone’s hand
a message halfway typed
as the driver lays still in the seat
the texts going unanswered as the car crashed into someone
with his daughter strapped up in the backseat.

Monsters aren’t 50 feet giants stomping on your house
a monster is the worse part of someone
the part meant to be locked up in a mind
that is destroying itself
we are all victims of monstrosity
but we are also the ones to blame
a monster can be found in you
a monster can be found in me


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