Lucky Trucky – Isabella Gibbs

I was still young and driving my momma’s old mini-van to school. My eyes were full of hope and innocence, but then, she happened.

Diamond Briggs: The most radiant woman to walk this planet, aside from my momma, that is. Her long blonde hair was always especially pretty when she had it in a ponytail underneath a camo cap. Don’t even get me started on the way she looked in those worn hiking boots of her’s. Oh, and the way that woman could laugh! It could bring a grown man to tears with how beautiful it was. I knew that I would never be content with my life unless I had her in it. But I was terrified. How could a slub like me get the attention of a goddess like her?

It took a while, but I did eventually come up with a plan. We shared fourth and eighth period together. So every eighth period, I’d ask her what the homework was for fourth. And everyday, she’d respond with:

“It’s a study hall, Lester. Our homework was to finish whatever homework we didn’t finish last night.”

But she’d smile and laugh, and even occasionally ask how I was doing. Once, she even asked me if I knew the date! Every now and again, if I was feeling bold, I’d try to sit near her at lunch. But never too close, I didn’t want to make my crush too obvious. This little cat-and-mouse of our’s lasted almost the entire school year. With a month left, I knew I had to step up my game. So, with some money I had been saving, I bought my own truck! My momma was so proud of me! So proud, she got me a bumper sticker: “Lucky Trucky”!

The last day of school, I cruised my way on into the school parking lot, feeling mighty proud of myself. If this didn’t attract Diamond, I didn’t know what would.

Good news: I sure did attract Diamond!

Bad news: She rear ended my truck.

Obviously we exchanged insurance stuff and we both apologized profusely to one another. Then, Diamond insisted that she take me to dinner as a formal apology. One dinner turned into two, then three, then twenty.

On our first anniversary of our marriage, Diamond gave me two gifts that I still cherish to this day: a new “Lucky Trucky” bumper sticker (to replace the scratched up one from the accident), and the news that she was pregnant with you.

Now that you know how much not only this sticker, but this entire truck means to your mother and I, do a favor for us son, and drive careful. We love you.  


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