A Bird and His Mate – Lizie Ebert

A bird flies way up high.
Beneath him the river runs dry
Calling for his faithful mate,
Down he soars to the gate.
Everywhere you hear his call-
Flying high above it all.
Gliding wings of feathery hope
Having left the ground there, he floats.
In an instant he is with her,
Jail-free they felt a burr
Kites above as they flew by
Light was splattering the sky
Maybe it was a sign
Nature was their home divine
Often as he ruled the world
Past the forest soon he curled
Quiet for there was no sound
Rain was coming straight down they found
Soaring, struggling not to get wet
Time was now a boundless net
Under a tree branch the two will rest
Very patiently they crest
West is home, home sweet home
Xenon in the far away dome
Yet no harm to the beloved two
Zips through the air to find them true


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