13 Fall Facts – Maddie Zuvich

Photo by Katelin Schooley
  1. The word “pumpkin” originates from the Greek word “pepon,” which translates to “large melon.”
  2. Fall used to be known as harvest, but as people began to move into cities, the change of season was acknowledged as “fall of the leaf;” the name was later shortened to Fall.
  3. Babies born between September and November are more likely to live to 100 than babies born at other times during the year.
  4. According to superstition, every leaf you catch in the fall will bring a lucky month the following year. (Maybe it’s not true, but I’ll take my chances.)
  5. Washington produces the most apples in the country; this year, it is projected that it will harvest 133 million boxes of the fruit. Who wants cider?
  6. Fall is great for procrastination – there are over 300 TV shows premiering new episodes this autumn.
  7. Election day is November 8th. Who are you voting for?
  8. The first known occurrence of trick-or-treating was in Blackie, Alberta in 1927.
  9. Over 45 million turkeys are eaten on Thanksgiving every year. Sorry, vegetarians.
  10. Joel Jarvis set the record for largest squash; his prized gourd was a whopping 1,486.6 pounds.
  11. Jack-o-lanterns originate from Ireland, where people used to put candles in hollowed-out turnips in order to keep away spirits and ghosts. Who knew turnips had a purpose?
  12. Mark your calendars! The autumn equinox usually falls on September 22nd or 23rd, but in 2303, it’ll be on September 24th instead.
  13. According to heavy.com, at least 28 states (so far) have reported creepy clown sightings, including Pennsylvania. Spooky.

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