U is for Unrequited – Katie Stoak

An arduous trial of will,

backed by

common foe and familiar friends

doesn’t it all seem a little fantastical?


Either singularly insane or among us both

fire-breathing beasts of envy and hate:

gallant heroes who hold no flame; the

honor of my heart is yours.


In lieu of a great declaration

just my words will speak my truth

keep me in mind when you stray from home:

let my affection keep your head from the clouds.


May I ask but one favor?

Never tell another the same words that were mine

offer her your heart as you have me,

present her with your adoration.


Quell in your own heart that doubt you feel

relinquish your stubborn inhibitions;

sever with kindness the hurt of your past

tell now: can you do that for me?


Under extreme duress I dare do say

violence of my conscience is

where I release you; the rot of our love is but a note on a

xylophone; pleasing


yet I cannot ask continuation of you; I will not give

zirconia in the place of love’s diamonds.


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