Orion – Gari Eberly

A lion’s mane across his back, Orion stands tall in the winter sky.

His belt composed of but three dead stars

holds up the weight of his father’s britches

But is it even possible to fill the shoes

Of the king of the sea?

Perhaps it is

If there was a man out there who could do it,

It could only be the one who

was so powerful Mother Earth herself had to kill him

 to protect the animals from his ferocious hunting

It could only be the man who

hunted with the great goddess Diana,

whom she later fell in love with

It could only be the man who

had his eyes taken from him by the King of the Gods and yet

found a way to see again.

Downed by that one fateful scorpion sting

They fight for eternity in the night sky

 Orion: king of winter, his spear held high,

 Will have his revenge on the Scorpion of summer

Orion: slayer of a thousand animals–

Your immortal spot in the sky is well won

And it is you, my overlooked hero,

That deserves such an honor.

Not Heracles, not Achilles, not even Theseus could ever take your place.
Orion, great hunter of the sky —  may your light never go out.


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