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A Message From Ms. Leo

When I started teaching Creative writing over twelve years ago, I never envisioned it blossoming into the solid program that it has become today.  I am humbled to work with such a talented group of writers who end up teaching me new things every day.  This publication is a testament to their hard work and creative spirit.  Please enjoy.

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Winter – Emilie Baerga and Ryan Frist

Wind cuts my body to tatters,
and I grow like the day:
withered and weary.
Darkness settles over all,
blanketing the world in sin.

Underneath I see fields of sorrows
filled with the remnants of my broken dreams
if only this chilling breeze will tear my
thoughts to the seams!

Instead, I must avert my gaze to the ground
and restrain my breath
for to death I am bound.

I do not fight. I do not scream.
I go on my way through the dusky fog of grey
where I will meet an end, a promise upheld.

This Body – Lauralee Adrien

With its ripples and dents and vast plains,
its dimples and scars and blotches,
this body is mine, and I am a perfect fit.
This body has
eyes that blink and lips that curl
like petals that reach towards sunlight.
This body has
a nose that twitches and a brow that lifts
like the swell of a sea tide.
This body has
muscles that stretch and arms that wrap
like a shawl around a lover’s neck.
Ribs that expand and hips that sway
Fingers that pluck and seize and clasp and yet
this body is
covered up when shamed
exposed when demanded
holds itself together
with just the strength of a woman
This body,
mine, but not me.
My body,
that I exist inside.
My body
pointed at, embraced, adored.
My body
never existing together as purely
as wonderfully
as magically
as now.

Time, Unwavering – Lauralee Adrien

Here I stand

unwillingly suspended

between two eternities.

One, unreachable, impalpable in nature.

Another, lingering, inciting memories of pain

or beauty, or happiness, or love

residing in the caverns of my psyche.

The future and the past.

But then, there is now–

so fleeting in its embrace,

yet ensnaring when acknowledged.

Wedged between two eternities spent before and after:

moments spent in cafes,

theaters, shopping malls, streets–

steps I’ve taken

retraced back to prior lives.

So foolish, then, to think

that I matter so much.

Jellyfish – Gari Eberly

Pink amoeba
jumbled up, a drop
of oil in water.

Fluid, she sways through
the sea current, dress
billowing to match her movements.

A bell-bodied beauty,
her luminescence
conceals toxic intent.

In performance, her form
hides sweet chloroform
dipped tentacles:

transparent tights
peeking out from below
her blush ballet skirt.

The audience is enraptured
by her hidden figure, paralyzed
by Medusa’s stone smile.

But move to embrace her,
and you’ll taste the grave
on your tongue.

Elegy for a Drowned Girl – Gari Eberly

For a moment, echoes over the ocean sound your obituary —
these jagged cliffs are your gravestones, and perhaps
the algae the rolling waves offer to the shoreline is
the water’s apology.

For sending your casket deep into the corals.
For seasoning the ocean salty with your panic.
For surging your lifeless limbs away from land.

Gray, gray, gray, your grave is no different, though instead of
mounds of freshly turned dirt, you’re covered with
foaming white rapids, which I imagine cover more to be discovered.

Did you cry?
Are you the reason ocean water stings?
Did your tears erode these rivers on my cheeks,
stealing away youth in exchange for what
the Atlantic stole from you?

I can’t decipher if blood or an ocean breeze rushes in my mind
when I think about how water burned your lungs and
thrashed you along the current like a
lone garment in a washing machine.

And so the ocean only grows,
belly full with violence.
I dot the water with primrose
but am only met with silence

The Sticks – Gari Eberly


My father stands in the corner of the yard


the infant branches of the dogwood bush in spring time

he lays the sticks

one after another

in neat rows

until a yellow road stretches across the expanse of the world

and then I look back at the dogwood bush

but there’s only a

lonely stump in the ground.

White Noise – Gari Eberly

your lips are moving but everything else is lost

in tendrils of cool fog

and I open my mouth to speak, but my words are

left frozen in my throat.

I choke.

and then the moment dissipates into a million iced

dewdrops balanced on grass before imploding

like a snow squall breaking over a hillside in a flurry

of white and noise and we are lost in it;

fumbling madly for leverage, for direction in

a place where there is none.

Whoever it is that I’m going to hurt in the future, I apologize – Imani Bethea

Whoever it is that I’m going to hurt in the future, I apologize

I don’t want to hurt you,

but I don’t know how to love anymore,

not like I’m sure if I ever did, or if I knew the meaning behind it.

I probably loved you, or you probably loved me,

or wanted me so much, but I just pushed you away.

If I hurt you, please, forgive me,

I just want to protect my heart from love, since,

apparently I don’t know how to take it.

I hope that you won’t hate me,

it’s bad enough I’m not liking myself,

but I’m working hard to help me get better.

So, if I hurt you in the process,

Remember I’m trying to grow.

Please understand that I don’t hate you, I don’t want to hurt you.

But things happen and I apologize

for letting whatever come over me and interfere

with whatever we have here.


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